Tous les dimanches, dans notre Roastery et boutique à Corde Coutance nous préparons un délicieux brunch à ne pas manquer ! Voici quelques-uns des plats de base du menu, mais nous aimons aussi ajouter de nouvelles spécialités en fonction de la saison. Reservation pas obligatoire.


  • Sunday Brunch CHF 29.00

    1 Brunch + double espresso or cappuccino + Orange Juice or Mimosa

  • Gourmet Brunch CHF 33.00

    1 Brunch + double espresso or cappuccino + Orange Juice or Mimosa + choice of Corde cake

  • Kid Menu CHF 13.50

    1 Choice of Tartine + Babycino

  • Bananas Go Nuts

    Artisanal sourdough toast from, creamy peanut butter, banana slices, topped with honey or maple syrup and hazelnut and peanut sprinkles. CHF 14.50 (+3 Gluten Free bread)

  • Poisvocado Toast

    Artisanal sourdough toast from, creamy pureed Swiss green peas, tahini-lemon-paprika
    vinaigrette, topped with bean sprouts, fresh herbs, topped with a marinated egg or tofu on top. CHF 18.50 (+3 Gluten Free bread)

  • La Vie en Rose

    Our special brunch Tartine this month: Creamy beetroot-cauliflower-tahini puree, roasted cauliflower florets, pickled beetroot, & fresh herbs topped with a marinated egg, cheese, or tofu

  • Yo Soy Popeye

    Housemade Duo of egg & tofu served with sauteed spinach, baby spinach salad, and warm sourdough bread from topped with our salted ginger honey butter or maple margarine for the vegan option. The plate is finished with a balsamic drizzle and sesame seeds. CHF 21.50 (+3 Gluten Free bread, +2 vegan version with double tofu)

  • Breakfast Burrito & Pois-camole

    Roasted potatoes, seasonal pumpkin or root vegetable, onions, & green bell peppers, egg scramble,
    coriander, cumin spiced lentils, sriracha sauce, fontal cheese, wrapped up in a toasted tortilla, served with a side of Swiss green pea “guacamole” . CHF 21.50 (+2 vegan version, made with tofu instead of eggs and vegan herb cream)

  • Mimosa ∙ CHF 9

    Prosecco + Orange Juice

  • Orange Juice ∙ CHF 7.50

    Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

  • Maple Latte ∙ CHF 8.50 

    Espresso, milk, maple syrup, whipped cream

  • Peanut Butter Latte CHF 8.50

    espresso, creamy peanut butter, lightly sweetened to perfection, and warm frothy milk

  • plus anything on our regular coffee and non coffee menus !