Drinks Without Coffee

Discover our wide selection of non-coffee drinks to satisfy all palates! Whether you prefer refreshing or comforting drinks, we have something to satisfy your desires.

  • tea / infusion / herbal tea ∙ 4.5

    rose green, jasmine green, english breakfast black, earl gray black, christmas black, chai black, chamomile flowers, mint leaves.

  • cascara ∙ 6

    infusion of cascara, the cherry or fruit pulp
    dried coffee. fruity drink with aromas of hibiscus, grape, apple, and
    honey... antioxidant, energizing, draining, protein and refreshing!

  • homemade chocolate ∙ 6

    homemade chocolate, with dark ganache or creamy milk, with or without whipped cream. rich and tasty!

  • homemade chai latte ∙ 6.5

    spiced chai black tea with cinnamon and cloves, brewed
    for 2 minutes in oat milk, with or without honey.

  • matcha latte ∙ 6

    green tea powder infused in water and steamed milk, with or without sugar.

  • lemon honey cinnamon ∙ 6.5

    half a lemon, a generous spoonful of honey, hot water and
    a hint of cinnamon.

  • ginger lemon ∙ 7

    ginger concentrate, lemon juice, a touch of cane sugar,
    and hot water.

  • squeezed orange juice ∙ 6.5 small ∙ 7.5 large

    orange juice squeezed minute!

  • Babyccino ∙ 4

    hot or cold milk

  • iced tea ∙ opaline juice ∙ ginger shot ∙ 5

  • kombucha ∙ sparkling lemonades ∙ 4.8

  • vivi kola∙ vitamin water ∙ coco water 5

  • dash water ∙ mineral water ∙ 5


To Go cup discount / takeaway cup discount -50cts
Extra shot espresso +1 chf
Alternative milk (pea, oat, soy, almond, lactose-free) +60cts
Extra syrup or spice mixture +60cts
Iced +50cts