Discover our coffee drinks

Dive into our caffeinated festival! Bold drinks, captivating flavors, and life begins with good coffee! Try them all, it's heaven for the taste buds!


  • Espresso ∙ 3.50 chf

    a specialty coffee, concentrated, with bitter, sweet, acidic, and toasted flavors. this coffee serves as the base for our many drinks.

  • Long espresso ∙ 3.9 chf

    a coffee milder than espresso for a smoother taste.

  • Americano ∙4.9 chf

    a coffee milder than espresso for a smoother taste.

  • Cortado / Espresso macchiato ∙ 4.5chf

    espresso with a little milk froth.

  • Cappuccino ∙ 5.2 chf

    1/3 Espresso, 1/3 milk, 1/3 micro-foam.

  • Latte ∙ 5.8 chf

    1 shot of espresso with creamy milk and foam.

  • Flat white ∙ 6 chf small ∙ 6.60 chf large (more milk)

    2 shots of espresso with delicious milk and a little
    creamy foam.

  • Five spice flat white ∙ 7 chf

    2 shots of espresso with a house blend of 5 house spices and creamy pea milk

  • Honey latte or flower latte ∙ 6.4 chf

    1 shot of espresso, homemade honey or lavender/verbena syrup, and creamy steamed milk.

  • Hazelnut latte ∙7 chf

    espresso of the day, hazelnut syrup, milk, whipped cream and powdered hazelnuts.

  • Homemade mocha ∙ 7 chf ∙ Mint mocha 7.5 chf

    1 shot of espresso, homemade chocolate ganache (dark or milk), frothed milk and whipped cream to top it off (optional). mint mocha: with mint syrup

  • Filter coffee ∙ 7 chf

    a smooth, clean, sweet and tangy infusion, made with our zero waste metal filter and roasting of your choice.

  • French press ∙ 7 chf

    filter style coffee, rich and creamy. infused for 4 minutes then we let you press it and serve it to enjoy a round coffee full of aromas. choose your coffee to enjoy.

  • Cold brew ∙ 6.8 chf

    cold brew coffee for a minimum of 12 hours, for a rich, smooth taste with little acidity. available with tonic for
    1chf+ for an even more complex and refreshing coffee


To Go cup discount / takeaway cup discount -50cts
Extra shot espresso +1 chf
Alternative milk (pea, oat, soy, almond, lactose-free) +60cts
Extra syrup or spice mixture +60cts
Iced +50cts